Wanderlust Chronicles: Best Hiking Trips I’ve Taken

After a chaotic hiking journey through the Weeping Wall, also known as Mt. Wai’ale’ale on Kauai, in 2018, and with this unforgettable experience, hiking became one of my hobbies with family every year.

I want to share some of the best hiking trips I have taken so far and hope this blog entices readers to embark on an epic journey.

Let’s discover the trails together and what could be your next destination! Adventure awaits!

WIde photo of forest, sky, and rocks from hiking trip
Peak from Harney Peak Fire Tower

1. Black Elk Peak – Harney Peak Fire Tower, South Dakota

According to Travel South Dakota, “The highest point in South Dakota, this peak has been the site of visions and majesty for centuries.”

After a decent time in quarantine in the summer of 2020, my family could travel a little to South Dakota. While there, we hiked up Black Elk Peak and reached Harney Peak Fire Tower. This was one of my favorite hiking trips after so long of not traveling.

On a journey up, the Fire Tower sits at the summit of the peak, standing at 7,242 feet and surrounded by the Black Hills National Forest. This was one of the most memorable and refreshing moments on my travels.

rock cliffs, green-blueish water with fall-colored tress on
Credit Image: Pictured Rock Cruises

2. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan

Being home from School during Thanksgiving allowed me to explore the upper peninsula of Michigan with family as we explored the Chapel Loop Trail. With Lake Superior peeking through the forest and the intricate rock arch formations throughout the land, this 10-mile hike will show the beauty of Michigan’s coastline.

I highly recommend taking action to hike this trail to reach Chapel Beach, a vast beach stretch that will be the last portion of the coastline, which will take your breath away.

For more information, please visit Michigan’s National Park Services.

Family at the peak of Twin Lakes

3. Sawtooth National Forest – Tin Cup Trailhead, Idaho

This was my first backpacking trip, and I did a long hike with breathtaking views, which was a fun way to relax in the city environment. My family hiked the Tin Cup Trailhead, leading to the famous Alice-Toxaway Loop, an 18.7-mile loop. My family did a four-day and three-night hike as we wanted to take our time and explore the trail.

This was one of the trips I did alone with my parents, and we encountered many milestone lakes during our journey. We also explored and hiked several mountain peaks!

For more information, check out this blog!

Upper Reed Lakes – Hatcher Pass

4. Hatcher Pass – Reed Lakes Trails, Alaska

One of the trails that leads to one of Alaska’s known hikes is the Bomber Glacier Trial. Reed Lakes is an 8.7-mile out-and-back trail near Palmer, Alaska. It is one of the prettiest trails to do during the summer. We traversed through a challenging boulder field and visited the lower and upper lakes.

This was one of the funniest trails I have done. Unfortunately, during my family’s trek back to our car, we were met with rain, which led us through a muddy and slippery descent. However, despite all the challenges from mud, rain, and boulders, this was a hike not for the weak but is highly recommended for those who want a decent-length hike with scenic views. This is one of the highlights of my hiking trips.

Check out this guide for more information!

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