Upcoming Cozy Games to play in 2024

(Image Credit: Epic Games Store/Campfire Expeditions Inc)

An upcoming game similar to Animal Crossing, Campfire is where “NPCs come to life with the power of AI.” You can talk to villagers like they are real people. This game is meant to “build meaningful connections with AI NPCs and play games with them.” The game’s primary purpose is to transform a struggling resort into the villagers’ dream destinations (sounds familiar). You can interact with adorable characters with the new innovative gameplay experience.

Currently, Campfire is available on an invite-only basis. Sign up for Campfire: Cozy AI Villagers for a private beta, and early access is available on PC, IOS, and Android. Campfire is an online multiplayer game, and you will be free to get started and play.

To get more involved with Campfire, there is a Discord community where players, content creators, and contact with the development team.

(Image Credit: Steam/Kenney)

From developer Kenney, this new designer and building, players can create tiny dioramas. A single-player game that “uses hundreds of objects and arranges them exactly as you’d like, then share a photo with your friends or family.” The game has an extensive catalog of furniture, food, and minuscule objects. There are also options for creating rooms with color, patterns, and ambiance of the scene.

This game is currently in development, but there is a demo on Steam. To be more involved, there is a Discord community for those interested in this game.

(Image Credit: Steam/Humble Reeds)

If you like frogs and farming sims, the Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge is for you. Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge is a single-player game where you breed and collect frogs to build a frog sanctuary and raise your frogs. You can collect frogs, restore the wetlands, and customize your frog refuge.

Currently, a demo is available on Steam for Windows and Mac. You can also subscribe to their newsletter or join their Discord for more information about the game.

(Image Credit: Steam/Seed by Seed)

Baladins is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure and Online Co-Op game for those interested in creating a journey in a fantasy world. Baladins allows players to “choose their own adventure, be a hero, play at your own pace, and possibly ENCOUNTER A DRAGON!” Baladins is for gamers of all ages and experience levels interested in role-playing.

Baladins supports up to 4 players–locally and online to let your collective choices shape the game’s world.

Baladins currently has a demo on Steam available on Windows. For more interaction and involvement, join the Baladins Discord community.

For those cozy gamers, please look forward to these games and a small guide to gentle gaming world.

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